Arrow Fight

January 07, 2020   Java 1.19.2 v1.2.0

Both teams will be sent to their team’s island where they will quickly gather resources to prepare for the chaos that will soon strike them. You may craft armor, weapons… ect, but you will primarily be purchasing unique arrows that each have their own special abilities. For example, the TNT Arrow spawns in 1 TNT when the arrow lands. And the Fire Arrow lights nearby blocks on fire when the arrow lands. You may use the custom arrows to eliminate the opposing team. Once all players on their team is dead, the other team wins. However, you are unable to build from island to island.

  • 2+ players!
  • Cosmetic features!
  • 6 unique maps to play on!
  • Many different arrows with special abilities!
  • Custom resource pack!

Note: when playing this map on a LAN world, the resource pack will be automatically applied. If however you’re playing on a dedicated server, all players need to install the resource pack manually.