Java Ranks Available Now!

Elevate Your Parkour Experience!
By Hielke May 4, 2024

I’m happy to announce the launch of the new server ranks on Hielke Maps Network!

Head over to to get your rank!

Let’s dive into the exciting details!

VIP Rank

As a VIP, you will enjoy a range of privileges, including a distinctive prefix that sets you apart from the crowd. Your chat text will be displayed in white, making you stand out in conversations.

  • You’ll have access to a variety of emojis with /emoji to express yourself better. Emojis

  • Feel like a true VIP as you soar above others with the /fly command in the lobby.
  • Unleash your creativity by renaming your pet and make it truly yours.
  • Furthermore, you can activate the /training_mode in maps to hone your skills for that perfect run.
  • Adjust the time in maps using /localtime, which is ideal for optimizing your visual experience with shaders.
  • VIP also unlocks the Wardrobe, which allows you to equip items found in Item Crates.
  • You’ll have 20 friend slots instead of the standard 10.
  • Your map completion rewards will receive a generous 25% Parcoins bonus.

VIP+ Rank

Upgrade to VIP+ for even more exclusive features. In addition to all the VIP perks, you’ll have access to:

  • Cool chat effects, such as rainbow (r), wobble (w), and jump (j) options that add flair to your conversations. Text Effects

  • ALL particles, pets, and mounts to customize your presence! Terrorize the lobby with a dragon, why dont you? Dragon Mount
  • Enjoy an expanded social circle with 30 friend slots!
  • Earn a remarkable 50% Parcoins bonus for completing maps.

MVP Rank

The MVP rank is the pinnacle of parkour prestige. It encompasses all the benefits of VIP and VIP+ ranks while unlocking an array of additional features:

  • Let your emotions shine with over 50 emotes accessible through the /emote command.
  • Lets you transform into ALL morphs, which lets you parkour as any entity you desire. Want to become the parkouring villager? you can do that!
  • The wardrobe expands to unlock ALL items, from hats to armor and balloons. Go crazy!
  • With an impressive 60 friend slots, you can connect with fellow parkour enthusiasts like never before.
  • Earn an extraordinary 100% Parcoins bonus for completing maps, maximizing your rewards.

You can purchase a rank here!

By purchasing a rank, you not only gain access to these exciting features but also contribute to the growth and maintenance of Hielke Maps Network. Your support also enables me to continue creating new maps for you! ❤️