All Java maps updated!

Play my maps on the latest version
By Hielke May 3, 2024

Hey there!

All my Java maps have been updated to Minecraft 1.20.6 now!

Get the updated maps now:

I also took the opportunity to replace the spawn of Paradise 3. The reason I did this, is so players already get a glimpse of the Parkour at spawn, instead of the spawn being somewhere completely different. New Paradise 3 Spawn

I also gave the Nether levels in Paradise 2 an updated look! The block locations are still the same, so this shouldn’t affect speedruns! New Nether level New Nether level 2

Lastly, training mode has been updated! You can now place the items in any slot you like! And because we no longer use elytra items, you can finally toggle flying while wearing an elytra! 😄

As always, you can toggle it with /trigger training_mode

Happy parkouring!

– Hielke