About Me

Hey there! My name is Hielke, I'm a Minecraft content creator.
Here's all you need to know about me!

The Beginning
My journey started back in 2013, when I first discovered a block in Minecraft called the command block. I wanted to create something cool with it, so I created a simple TNT PvP map, called Bomb Battle.
I know it's not the prettiest map, alright? 😉
First I only played the map with my friends, but then they suggested to post the map online and let other people enjoy it too. That's how I got into mapmaking.

The Parkour
After I posted a few minigame maps, I wanted to create something else. I've always enjoyed playing parkour maps in Minecraft, so my idea was to create one myself. I created a map with 100 different rooms, came up with a catchy name (Parkour Paradise), and posted it online.
The original Parkour Paradise map.
To my surprise, the map blew up, and now Parkour Paradise has over 170 thousand downloads! That's when I knew I had talent for map making, specifically parkour maps.
Over the years I've created several parkour maps.

The Marketplace
Since late 2019, I've become an official Minecraft Partner! This means I can offer my maps at the Minecraft Marketplace.
I'm currently working on bringing my Java maps to the Marketplace, while at the same time improving them so they are the best they can be when they hit the Marketplace!
The updated Parkour Paradise map. Can you spot all the 6321 changes?

You can check out my maps here!